The Norway Experiment

The Norway Experiment was created as a performance-based experimental film, to elaborate upon the notion of the human body’s ability to bear extreme conditions. In this case, the extreme cold and discomfort, through the use of electrical shocks.


This project is a critical take to the notion of technology invasiveness in which our mental condition and body movements are controlled. In the film, both performers were connected by hands through an electrical stimulation machine. They were fitted with special headsets with limited views and embedded with manual compasses. The performers were told to align themselves according to the correct north and south direction respectively, using electrical stimulation to communicate with each other.

This video is created as part of an ongoing research carried out to understand the effect of Mediated Reality, often found in technological devices carried or attached onto the user’s body, and the implication in relation to the built environment.

*This project is developed at The Bartlett‘s Interactive Architecture Lab under the supervision of Ruairi Glynn