Co-Scriptable Bodies is a body of works that explores our personal agency and responsibility as a citizens and as an individual in our complex interactions with our cities. Using wearable technology as an expressive interface, participants co-create body gesture sensing wearables that enable them to actively record their subjective perception of the city through their body gestures and performing them as they walk around various parts of the city using the wearable devices. Past projects ranges from mapping quality of air in Tower Hamlets, London (UK), safety, cultural diversity and wheelchair accessibility in Finsbury Park, London (UK), to perception of safety in Braamfontein, Johannesburg (South Africa).

Co-Scriptable Bodies from LING QL on Vimeo.

WearAQ look at how school children could make sense of the complex issue of air pollution and to consider how people might combine their innate subjective perception and intuition with wearable technology and machine learning algorithms to investigate air quality issues.

WearAQ from LING QL on Vimeo.

Fakugesi Social Wearables made use of wearable technology and public engagement workshops to explore how citizens of Johannesburg in South Africa perceive their experience of safety in the city. This project explores what constitute a resilient community where citizens are empowered to contribute to their city. 

Fakugesi Social Wearables from LING QL on Vimeo.

Transformer is a game of strategy structured as a social experiment in team building where participants engage in a competitive game that involves heightened self-awareness and proprioception mediated through body tracking sensors, visual perception and audio actuators.

Transformer from Umbrellium on Vimeo.

Reality Mediator is a series of experiments designed to question the extent to which human behaviour can be altered with wearable device or technological prostheses during interaction with, and inhabition of the environment.

Reality Mediators from LING QL on Vimeo.

SEED investigate the limits of human bearability to technological prostheses through a speculative narrative on a future where embedded prosthesis forms a symbiotic relationship with the user’s body, taking on the DNA and characteristics of the user through prolonged period of growth and interaction.

SEED from LING QL on Vimeo.

The Norway Experiment was created as a performance-based experimental film, to elaborate upon the notion of the human body’s ability to bear extreme conditions. In this case, the extreme cold and discomfort, through the use of electrical shocks.

The Norway Experiment from LING QL on Vimeo.